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Frequently Asked Questions

Motorhome & RV

Financing FAQ

Q. Are there “tax benefits” when financing a Motorhome/RV?
Yes, the interest you pay on a Motorhome/RV loan is often deductible as a 2nd home mortgage.

There are limitations and rules, however most of our customers are eligible for this tax benefit. Contact your tax professional to see if your purchase meets the criteria of this tax benefit.

Q. If I pay off my RV loan early will have to pay a penalty?
No. The lenders we work with does not enforce a “pre-payment” penalty on early payments and early payoffs of RV loans.

Q. How long does the credit approval process take?
Typically the approval process takes no more than 2-4 hours. However, in some cases a credit decision may take a little more time.

Q. Can Motorhome/RV loans have terms of up to 20 years?
Yes. Our lenders have financing terms of up to 20 years. The term given depends on the dollar amount needed to be financed.

There are also 12 year and 15 year terms available. Again, this would depend on the dollar amount needed to be financed.

Q. How much of a down payment is required with a Motorhome/RV loan?
The general down payment for a Motorhome/RV loan is 10-15%. This can vary based on the age of some RVs and $0 down programs often available.

Contact us for our most current financing programs.

Parts / Accessories FAQ

Q. Do you sell factory parts such as door handles, vent lids, and compartment doors?
Yes. We stock parts that are specific to certain RV builders. Give us a call to get help with a specific request.

Q. Do you offer Good Sam members or FMCA members a discount?
Yes. We have special discounts for the Good Sam members, FMCA members as well as Demontrond® RV Travelers Club members. Give us a call for all of the details.

Service FAQ

Q. Do you do warranty service repairs?
We are an authorized service center for various manufacturers and vendors. We do warranty repairs on a scheduled basis and might be able to help you. Please call us and speak with one of our service advisors for more specific information.

Q. Should I call before bringing in my RV for service work?
Yes. If possible, please call us before coming in so we can schedule your repair with the proper technician and check parts availability to minimize your time in the shop.

Q. Do you provide Motorhome/RV and need paint and body work?
The DeMontrond® Automotive Group has a state-of-the-art paint and body facility. We can handle almost any type of collision repair including full body painting for Motorhomes/RVs as well as Airstream models.

Trade-in FAQ

Q. My trade has a payoff. Will this be an issue?
This is no problem. We can normally handle a trade regardless of your current payoff. We simply work your best deal and add back any outstanding trade balance and then we payoff your current loan.

Q. Can I trade my towable RV and my truck?
Yes, we gladly accept Truck + Travel Trailer/Fifth Wheel combinations.

Q. My trade currently needs mechanical and/or body repair. Can I trade it As-Is?
We accept trades in all conditions. Please discuss any current problems with us and we can account for any repairs that may be necessary.

Q. Do you accept my boats and other recreation vehicles as a trade-in?
Yes we can accept boats for trade but some states will not allow you to use a boat for tax savings. We are happy to check your state’s rules in regards to using a boat for a trade.

Travelers Club FAQ

Q. Can I finance the cost of my extended service plan?
Yes, in most cases we can add the price of your extended service agreement to the finance amount of your new purchase.

Q. Can I transfer my extender service agreement from my trade-in to my new RV?
The agreements we offer are transferable to a new owner, but, they are not transferable to a new RV.

When you trade your RV with us, we will assist you in canceling your current agreement and help you choose a new plan that will suit your needs the best.

Q. I didn’t purchase my RV from Demontrond® RV. Can I purchase a extended service agreement for my RV?
Extended service agreements are now available for your current rv even if you didn’t purchase the RV from us. There are limitations but we can accommodate most makes, types and models.

Contact us for all of the details and one of our experts can explains all of the extended service agreement options available to you.

Q. How long can I protect my RV with an extended service agreement?
We offer terms up to 7 yrs and 100,000 miles for new rv’s and up to 4 yrs for pre-owned RV’s.

Q. Can I use my extended service agreement while my RV is still in factory warranty?
Your factory warranty comes first. As soon as it expires, your extended service agreement will take over.

If a repair is covered under factory warranty, it is the responsibility of the factory to cover the repair under their warranty terms.

Q. Do I have to return the rv to Demontrond® RV’s service department for my extended service agreement repairs?
The extended service agreements we sell are good anywhere in the USA and Canada. You have thousands of service centers to choose from.